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Ottawa indian resto: nice food, bad service
They have great mouth watering food, but...
I came alone and told that I'm for dinner buffet. I was given choice of room to seat front and back. Well, it was cold outside and with those floor to celling glass windows I decided go back room. Once arrived, I was given smallest table I ever saw for my whole life - no place even for 2 plates, not for my newspaper...
I sad I want go back to front, was denied - was told for buffet customers there is no choice. OK, may be I was not dressed up. I ask at least change table and this was done, at least.ut
When I told waiter that I have groupon coupon and was told that it is only for parties. As I replied - nothing about is mentioned on the coupon. Then waiter argue with me that it is even from the name - groupon. Groupon means something about group. Well, he promised to ask manager and manager finally approved it although I was told it is not what they usually doing. So I start feel like I'm steeling something.
So I was able to start eat: tandoori (how to spell it?) chicken was nice. Then after 10 min waiter came and I was told that they closing buffet in 5 min. I not checked their website carefully - my fault, but! I would prefer waiter to tell me 7:45 pm when I came in that they will close at 8 pm.
Not to mention, that for buffets it is common practice that closing time is then they close the entrance, not shut down buffet. Well, it was shout down not 8 pm #, but 8:05. Anyway, it was for at least last 5 min not a regular Sunday night relaxation. I will ask my money back. I would not do it for one account like not welcoming groupon OR not telling that restaurant is about to close, but for them together - definitely I want my money back
- Victor Koukin, Boston USA
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